Overland Park Housing Market Trends

Real Estate is local. To give you the true picture, we update the Overland Park market trends weekly.

Overland Park KS Real Estate Market Trends

Explanation of the Numbers

To sort it out, think about houses in simple supply and demand terms. The more homes there are for sale, the lower the pricesare. Fewer homes for sale mean higher prices. Even though we are emotionally attached to our homes and they have different characteristics, they are a commodity.

Report Terms

Homes Absorbed – How many homes sold.
Newly Listed – How many homes just came on the market for sale.
Total Inventory – How many total homes are for currently for sale.
Average Days on Market – This is the average number of days a home is on the market before selling.
7 day vs. 90 day Averages – The below charts show 7 day and 90 day averages. The 7-day averages provide a snapshot, while the 90-day averages smooths out wide swings, providing a more reliable view of the Overland Park market.

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